Sunday, July 02, 2006
What does A Scanner see?

Here is a few grabs from ASD. Unfortunatly it's Up against Pirates of the Carribean 2 With JD. I do hope that it does well. It seems almost every time A new Keanu film comes out there is Another Block Buster coming out at the same time. What are the Studio Execs thinking? A few weeks ago when Lake House came out  The Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift (suxs) & Nacho Libre (also Suxs) came out at the sametime. So it got placed 4 on the list for that week. Ah poor Ke , anyway ASD is a great book so I do have faith that the film will do it Justice. Animated Keanu hmmmm. I'm excited to see the scramble suit .

Keanu Dreams,

Keana the dreamer


Posted at 12:26 am by Keana


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