Sunday, July 02, 2006
What does A Scanner see?

Here is a few grabs from ASD. Unfortunatly it's Up against Pirates of the Carribean 2 With JD. I do hope that it does well. It seems almost every time A new Keanu film comes out there is Another Block Buster coming out at the same time. What are the Studio Execs thinking? A few weeks ago when Lake House came out  The Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift (suxs) & Nacho Libre (also Suxs) came out at the sametime. So it got placed 4 on the list for that week. Ah poor Ke , anyway ASD is a great book so I do have faith that the film will do it Justice. Animated Keanu hmmmm. I'm excited to see the scramble suit .

Keanu Dreams,

Keana the dreamer


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Friday, June 30, 2006
Gorman Knows....

his stuff.


I love this pic taken by Greg Gorman when Ke had his post Speed hair. I really like this pic because of the intensity of the eyes. Ke has very expressive eyes. They are the most beautiful brown. I should write A poem called Ke's Eyes. *LOL*

Keanu Dreams,

Keana the Dreamer

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Thursday, June 29, 2006
We interupt this program....

To bring you the following Pic.



Yes I know he is not Keanu but I just saw Superman & was struck by the beauty of this man Brandon Routh *drool*. I have to say that was An Awesome film & very well done. Mr. Routh did an A+++ job as the Man of Steel, who I have always admired. I went even as far as to name my first child (who Passed away) Jor-el after his Father. I'm a total fangirl when it comes to Superman. I wish this man Good luck on his future ventures & hope to see him in many movies to come. Thanks to for the droolious pic.  We now return you to your regularly scedualed program.

Ke Dreams,

Keana the Dreamer

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
James White


Ke & Sandy from the New German Mag "Woman". Taken by James White. *Swoon* (Thanks KPotD).

Keanu Dreams,

Keana la Hawaiiana

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Monday, June 26, 2006
Scanner Darkly Sneak Peek



MTV Overdrive has an awesome 14 mins of Preview for A Scanner darkly. Check it out it's awesome. I'm so Jacked to see this. I just hope it lives up to the Book. Which is awesome in itself. Just click here & you will be transported to the site.


Keanu Dreams,

Keana la Hawaiiana

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Monday, June 19, 2006
You know she liked it..

                   Sandra's take on kissing Keanu

June 20, 2006 - 2:43PM

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves arrive at the European premiere of "The Lake House" at the Vue cinema in Leicester Square, London.
Photo: Reuters/Alessia Pierdomenico

Hollywood star Sandra Bullock said she would love a chance to work yet again with Keanu Reeves after the two Speed stars were reunited for a romantic mystery drama.

But she added that kissing him in the movie was like "kissing someone you would think of as your brother".

Bullock and Reeves shared the red carpet in central London for the European premiere of The Lake House, by Argentinian director Alejandro Agresti, welcomed by hundreds of cheering fans.

Bullock told reporters it was a "hard film" to shoot, but added that she would like to go back before the cameras with Reeves, with whom she shared star billing in the 1994 thriller Speed.

"I did work with him before and I would work with him again sooner rather than later," she said.

In The Lake House, Bullock plays a lonely doctor who exchanges love letters with Reeves's character despite the fact that they are apparently separated in time, living two years apart.

Reeves told AP Entertainment what it was like to work with his old co-star again: "I don't know if it was different. It was more of just a good thing. She has developed so much as a person and from when I met her until now there is so much more experience in what she has been doing and the sides that she has been showing, in her craft and in her performances, have just been so great and she is a delight."

Bullock added kissing scenes with Reeves were more tricky these days.

"There is a difference, if you are kissing someone you would think of as your brother, believe me there is a mouth washing process that happens after. But in this case it's a lot of love and it could be like family but you don't really want to go there because then it would be a little incestuous when you are watching it on screen."



Her brother? Well I'll tell you I would not think of him as my brother. even if I was married. :P  Come on Sandy you know you liked it. Unless your dead. *LOL*

Posted at 10:47 pm by Keana
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
They look good together.


I'm so excited about this film. If Keanu was to really marry someone I think Sandy would have been Perfect for him. I Love her. To bad she is already taken by Jesse James. She is my role model. As an Actress & As A Person. I'm happy that they are together again. Keanu is wonderful in Romance dramas. I have High hopes for this film.


Keanu Dreaming,

Keana the dreamer

Posted at 12:02 am by Keana
Keanu Dreaming  

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